Is it really May 31st?


What a day! I started off feeling a little lethargic, I blame the weather, but remained keen to get as close as possible to Montbard (155km away), the agreed meeting place with my brother Iain, forever to be known as Monkey Boy.

Initially my cycling was slowed down by my new found love for the Video star app, but after 30km this was compounded by the onset of rain which kept pouring for the rest of the day. Admittedly it wasn’t too cold but it was certainly wet and miserable. Is it really May 31st?

Now I didn’t want to but by the end of the day I had cycled a total of 127km, 97km of which were in the rain. There were moments when I felt like an eagle eyed Action Man capable of anything, but these were few in number and easily outnumbered by moments when I felt like I was about to cry like a baby.

Pretty much straight after a quick coffee in Beaune I reduced my aim for the day to Pouilly en Autoix, which would have been 97km in total. It rained the whole way so on arriving in Pouilly at 3pm I felt ecstatic that that was it for the day. But it wasn’t. All the hotels were apparently full due to a big motocross meet in Dijons. This meant another 31km to Semur en Autoix where I hoped there would be a hotel with a spare room. I hate motocross now.

For those 31 km I pedalled like a maniac only to find there was also a big fair and famous horse running event at Semur. It was the same story, the first two hotels were full. I was getting worried then at the third hotel they had one empty room. I wanted to hug the receptionist I was so happy.

Monkey Boy should be arriving at about 11pm tonight. Let the games commence.

Another beautiful day in France.



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