Unspoken competition


Highlight of the day for me was watching Monkey Boy pedalling furiously up a hill, chased by a large Alsatian that afterward very considerately ignored me.

All in all 135km was quite a distance as the terrain was hillier than either of us were expecting. Of course my personal expectations are based on nothing other than the flimsy hope that between here and London everything is flat.

It was quite funny cycling with my brother this morning. On both our parts there was possibly a silent underlying competition between us for the first 67km or so. It was most audible in comments such as ‘I don’t need any water’, ‘I don’t need to stop yet’, ‘We should be able to get to London tonight’. By the afternoon however this attitude was replaced by a more open and honest dialogue where we could both be heard saying things like ‘Water, I need water, that’s my water’, ‘Stop, please stop, pleeeaaassee, it’s hurting meeee’, or ‘Why don’t we call it a day because this is s*!t?’

Great day though, beautiful time riding the Route Des Vignobles through the Bourgogne, and awesome to have Monkey Boy here, even though he did struggle to keep up (as instructed of course).



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