Internet dating

Two years ago Isabel broke up with the man she once thought would be her one true love. Since this difficult time she has not been in another relationship, in fact she has not been on a single date.

Three weeks ago things changed. After a drunken night out with friends she was persuaded (you could call it railroaded) into signing up to a popular Internet dating site.

Being a warm, attractive and intelligent woman she was very soon inundated with offers to meet for a drink or perhaps dinner (other more lewd offers were also put on the table). She refused them all until Paul that is.

Paul’s first message simply read ‘Dear Isabel, Please agree to meet me at 12pm in the arches of Chateau Fontainebleau this Sunday. I would like to walk the gardens together, then, if you agree, I’d like to take you for lunch. This may sound silly to you but something tells me you’re special, Paul’.

Now Isabel wasn’t silly, and she wasn’t born yesterday. She was aware this message could have been cut, paste and sent to hundreds of different girls but, nevertheless, she was flattered, so she said yes.

So at 12pm she sat in the arch, unsure whether Paul would turn up, unsure whether he would like her even if he did, unsure whether she would like him, but excited, excited at the possibility that maybe, just maybe, they might just get along.



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