Monkey Boy and lessons learned


‘I’m here to learn from you’ should have been Monkey Boy’s first words upon arrival late Friday night. But alas, such is youth, he opted for ‘Where’s the toilet I’m dying for a you know what, oh and order me a beer while I’m gone, how are you btw?’

Thankfully over the course of our two days together I had plenty of other occasions to impart the many lessons I have learnt throughout life on to my younger brother or Monkey Boy as you all know him (and should please call him forever).

Helpfully before he left this afternoon Monkey Boy listed all he felt he had learned since Friday:

– Love your neighbour
– France is nice
– It’s important to learn the local language in order to try understand a new country and its culture. It also helps when ordering cheeseburgers.
– Pink masking tape does actually help when two of your spokes break.
– Don’t cycle too close to Dancing Bear because when he suddenly stops to ask strangers the location of a restaurant you may cycle into him then fall off your bike injuring yourself and embarrassing the people being asked for directions.
– Making dance videos for the Internet is a hard but rewarding enterprise.
– People aren’t so bad after all
– Cycling almost 4000km doesn’t guarantee your belly will disappear

(Don’t tell him but it was great having Iain out. Not only did we have a wonderful two days but I cycled further this week knowing he was coming out)

As for today we only cycled 54km to Fontainebleau as we wanted to see the palace and frankly take it easy. After Monkey Boy left I dived into the local cinema and saw a Ryan Gosling movie called ‘Only God forgives’. I think often nowadays I enjoy the quiet of being in a cinema more than I enjoy the actual film I’m watching. This one wasn’t bad though. Tomorrow it’s one night in Paris (not the movie), then on to Calais. I’m aiming for 7pm Friday at Tower Bridge, London.

I enjoyed explaining to Monkey Boy the meaning of the various sculptures at the ongoing Fontainebleau Arts festival. This one was probably about love, life, death, freedom of speech or individualism.



One thought on “Monkey Boy and lessons learned

  1. Paris in the Springtime – cant get much better!!!
    Glad Dancing Bear and Monkey Boy Never say ‘no’ to knowledge.

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