3 days left

Had a wonderful meal last night my friend Clea and sister Caroline in Paris. Again Caroline generously put me up in a hotel so we had a late breakfast together before she went to work and I pottered off to the French countryside.

100km later I find myself in Gournay en Bain in Upper Normandy. I was embarrassingly inattentive today as I can’t help but think about getting back to London on Friday evening. Trying not count my chickens before they are hatched.

So the job now is to enjoy the last few days of cycling through France without any last minute mishaps. My back wheel is in quite bad shape at the moment. 3 spokes are broken which is obviously not good. For this reason I will jettison quite a few things in the morning as I don’t feel I’m going to get to a bike shop until tomorrow afternoon in Le Touquet. It’ll be fine I’m sure, I’m just concerned that I’m running out of pink tape, that’s all.

People keep sponsoring Blue Engine and Kids Company which is wonderful. It has been and continues to be incredibly motivating and rewarding so thank you.

Since the start of this cycle, and all across Europe, I have passed countless memorials and monuments for men, women and children who have lost their lives in wartime.



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