Change in mindset


‘One day at a time’ pretty much got me through this bike ride so far. And by focussing on ‘one day at a time’ it helped me to be more present, enjoying each day for the places I saw and the people I met. Unfortunately though, it’s not been easy staying that way.

After climbing out of the Jura mountains into France, my mind started to wander and I found it increasingly difficult not to start thinking about the end of the trip or getting home. Unavoidable I suppose, but it is quite striking how much less attentive and engaged with my surroundings I have been since this change in mindset.

Thankfully today was different. Today I managed to enjoy what was a beautiful sunny day in the French countryside.

Worth mentioning that the bike, a Canondale tourer, was amazing given it has a slightly buckled rear wheel with three spokes broken. Tried three bike shops today and none of them could help which was disappointing. If I see a shop tomorrow on the way to Calais hopefully it will be a different story and I can finally sort the back wheel out.

Only 77km tomorrow to get to Calais now, then a ferry to Dover before riding another 30km to Canterbury in Kent where I’ll stay the night. My last day in France and my first day in a country called Great Britain. I wonder what it will be like there. I hear the people speak funny and smell a bit.



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