5000km and home

On the 16th April Stuart logged off his work computer in Iraqi Kurdistan, had one final fondant fancy and stepped in to a taxi to the Turkish border. After a brief kebab stop in Mardin, he continued his journey westwards to the town of Diyarbakir waved goodbye to the taxi driver and sampled the local delicacy which as every Diyarbakirian knows is kebabs.

With only a touring bike, an iphone, a credit card and panniers containing a few carefully chosen clothes Stuart wheeled his bike to the coach station where he was to start his epic adventure home with a bike, by coach to Gazientep.

So with 800km and a few kebabs under his belt, it is Gazientep that the hard graft begins. As the crow flies, there are around 5000km to cover to get home but as most of you will be aware, Stuart is not a crow. He’s a bear and bears do it differently.

I will hand over to Stu share his thoughts and experiences and maybe his reasons for doing such an incredible journey.

In the meantime you can sponsor him in one of two ways.

One option is to have a look at his Just Giving page where you can donate money to a uk charity called ‘Kids Company’.


Another way is to donate to a US educational charity set up by his friend Nick Ehrmann called Blue Engine. You can donate using this page


Good luck Stuart, entertain us!

All the best,

Toby, Alice and Sienna


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